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and legislation. If the outcome is positive, you make a profit; if it does not, you lose the option amount. The gist of trading options is to forecast price changes for a certain asset (a currency pair or a commodity).
By filling out the payment form, the Client confirms that he/she is not violating the laws of any country. The Client may make a transfer from the bank card of an international payment system, the type of which is specified in the dashboard. If you picked the wrong direction, you lose your investment in the trade. Avoid direct or indirect complicity in illegal financial activities and any other illegal transactions. Money will be credited to the Clients Account in the currency of the Clients Account irrespective of the currency in which the transfer was made. These restrictions are displayed on the Client's Dashboard when the Client submits a withdrawal request.

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Olymp Trade: the online trading and investment platform Order life, a request is valid for 1 trading session. The content of this Policy is disclosed without limitation at the request of any concerned parties. Note: if the candlestick time frame is less than or equal to the trade expiration time, the trade will be closed at the specified time at 00 seconds, when a new candle starts to form. Debit from the Client's account Bonuses granted to him. If any suspicious non-trading operations are detected, the Company shall have the right to immediately and unilaterally: Refuse to carry them out for the Client.
If funds sent by the Company pursuant to a Request idn olymptrade for Withdrawal have not arrived in the Clients External Account within five (5) business days, the Client may ask the Company to investigate the transfer. The Client is entitled at any time to withdraw any or all funds from his/her Account by sending the Company a Request for Withdrawal containing the Clients order to withdraw money from the Clients Account, which complies with the. If the transfer currency is different from the Client's account currency, the transfer amount is converted into the currency of the Client's account at the exchange rate at the time when the payment was received in the Company's account. After the specified level ") is achievedSelect the asset, expiration time, and trade amount. At the same time, the Company presumes that the electronic account belongs to the Client. documents confirming the place of residence, payment, and other documents and bank cards confirming the legal possession and legal origin of funds, documents confirming the Client's financial standing, and any other documents required by the Company due to applicable, including international, legal regulations quotex login and legislation. The Company must send the money to the Clients bank account according kyc olymptrade com to the information in the Request for Withdrawal if the conditions of clause.1.2. The Client is responsible for the correctness of the payments made by him. In case of non-compliance of certain provisions of this Regulation with certain provisions of the Agreement and its integral parts in terms of non-trading operations, the provisions of this Regulation shall apply unless otherwise follows from the essence of the obligation.

The customer should provide a photo of their card. The back of the card is not required. The first 6 and the last 4 digits, expiration date, and the owner s name should be visible in a single photo.

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Olymp Trade online trading platform B) If money previously transferred to the https static olymptrade com login Client is returned to the Company's accounts if the client could not be contacted to promptly resolve the problem and resend the funds. The Company determines the amount and procedure for debiting the user fee at its sole discretion. The Client did not provide identification information for the beneficial owner of the Client at the request of the Company.
Note that, if the asset price passes the level you set, the trade will open at the actual". If a Withdrawal request was drawn up with errors in the account details, as a result of which the funds were not credited to the Client's external account, the commission costs to resolve the situation will be paid by the Client. The currency in which the Company makes transfers to the Clients External Account, depending on the currency of the Clients Account and the withdrawal method, may be displayed in the Clients Dashboard. The Company and/or the payment services provider provides only payment in the amount indicated by the Client and is not responsible for the Client's payment of the additional amounts referenced above. Set the time www olymptrade com отзывы at which your trade is supposed to open. Funds are credited to the Client's account in the currency of the Client's account, regardless of the currency in which the transfer was made. The Client may at any time manage all or part of his/her funds on his account by sending the Company a withdrawal request containing the Client's instruction to withdraw funds from the Client's account subject to the following conditions.

Stolen/blocked card a document certifying that it was issued to the customer. IdGTM-M98VLD height 0 width 0 Please upload one of the following: 1) A bank statement with the owner s name and transaction to the platform where all the information is visible in the same image. 2) A screenshot from UPI where the UPI ID, the owner s name, and the bank account number are visible. In this case, a photo of the bank book with the bank account number and.

Olymp Trade Regulation on Non-trading Transactions and the KYC AML

Legal information: service agreement Olymp Trade The Client may make a deposit to his/her Account by transfer from his/her Bank Card through the Processing Center at any time if the Company accepts this method at the time of funds transfer. I haven't had any problems with this broker thus far. The Company reserves the right to refuse what is otc market in iq option to withdraw the Client's funds if the request was submitted in violation of the terms of the Agreement and this Regulation. Of this Regulation are met.
Close the Client's open positions (Trades) and document the financial result. The Client will make a Request for Withdrawal in the currency of the deposit. The Company reserves the right to set minimum and maximum withdrawal amounts depending on the withdrawal method. Note: it is impossible to open a new option 1 minute before the next expiration time: you will be asked to choose other time. If suspicious non-trading transactions are discovered, the Company decides on its own on further actions in relation to the Client, his Account, and his trading and non-trading transactions. The Company may, at its discretion, offer the Client other methods for withdrawing money from the Clients account. Oct 14, 2017, yeah, it's a suspicious personIt only took a couple of posts to start praising the broker. The Client can use this method of money transfer only after providing a list of documents determined by the Company unilaterally at its discretion.

A trading platform for online trading and investments from the broker. Start earning money with millions of traders worldwide! In order to verify your account youl need to send all documents. On the first photo you must hold your passport or ID near to your face and make selfie like that.

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